chapter  5
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Modifications and improvements to the transportation component

This chapter provides a description, including numerical examples, of the trip–generating capability of disaggregated residential allocation model. It explores a description of work done on the development of a mode–split procedure and on a preliminary calibration effort. The chapter describes the theory and application of the procedures used to generate the trip–probability matrices. It explains the assignment procedure currently used in the integrated transportation and land–use model package. The development of the first version of the integrated transportation and land–use model package made use of a conventional transportation network analysis procedure. The trip–assignment procedure involves taking an exogenously calculated origin – destination trip matrix and determining the paths that these trips take over the transportation network in going from their origins to their destinations. A procedure which minimizes these last problems, and the one which was actually used in the integrated transportation, and land–use analyses, is the in cremental tree–by–tree loading procedure.