chapter  8
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BoRN IN 19 50s WEST GERMANY to a mother who had been adopted as a child and a father who was a World War II veteran, Sabine is now a practicing psychoanalyst living in Germany. Only after her private practice had begun to flourish did she notice that something was missing in her therapeutic activities: Neither the ethnic German nor the non-German patients on her couch spoke about their parents' activities during the Nazi regime. As she considered this fact, she realized that a corresponding discontinuity had occurred in her own training analysis-in spite of the fact that she and her analyst, who is Jewish, had discussed her father's presumed Nazi membership on a number of occasions. In order to illuminate this dark territory, Sabine began a postanalytic journey of "self-analysis." This chapter details that remarkable journey, illustrating the degree to which the mental representation of the Third Reich could settle in Sabine's mind even though her father and mother had remained almost entirely silent about their experiences.