chapter  I
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Text of the 1952 Convention—International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to the Arrest of Sea-Going Ships, 1952

The High Contracting Parties, Having recognized the desirability of determining by agreement certain uniform rules of law relating to the

arrest of sea-going ships, Have decided to conclude a convention for this purpose and thereto have agreed as follows:


In this Convention the following words shall have the meanings hereby assigned to them: (1) ‘‘Maritime Claim’’ means a claim arising out of one or more of the following:

(a) damage caused by any ship either in collision or otherwise; (b) loss of life or personal injury caused by any ship or occurring in connection with the operation of any

ship; (c) salvage; (d) agreement relating to the use or hire of any ship whether by charterparty or otherwise; (e) agreement relating to the carriage of goods in any ship whether by charterparty or otherwise; (f) loss of or damage to goods including baggage carried in any ship; (g) general average; (h) bottomry; (i) towage; (j) pilotage; (k) goods or materials wherever supplied to a ship for her operation or maintenance; (l) construction, repair or equipment of any ship or dock charges and dues; (m) wages of masters, officers, or crew; (n) master’s disbursements, including disbursements made by shippers, charterers or agents on behalf of

a ship or her owner; (o) disputes as to the title to or ownership of any ship; (p) disputes between co-owners of any ship as to the ownership, possession employment or earnings of that

ship; (q) the mortgage or hypothecation of any ship.