chapter  7
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Landscape and Landscape Infrastructure-Driven Urban Plans

In the past few years Carlo Masseroli, until 2011 the Deputy Mayor of Milan, as councillor for land use, has overseen the devising of a unique masterplan for Milan to 2030, a new Urban Development Plan (UDP) known as the Piano di Governo del Territorio following Lombardy’s Regional Law number 12 (11 March 2005), adopted on 14 July 2010. He has involved 80 people from ten different disciplines, including 40 from the municipality and five external consultants: architects Metrogramma (Andrea Boschetti and Alberto Francini), to do the structural plan; Id-Lab, headed by architect Stefano Mirti, to design a new model of services delivery for the city; landscape architects LAND (Andreas Kipar and Giovanni Sala), to design the plan for green and other public spaces in a radial fashion; Mediobanca, to design a new subsidiarity via a localised ‘stock exchange of

Giacomo Biraghi, one of the staff of Business Integration Partners, management consultants in charge of the programme management, coordinating the plan to make sure there is coherence, recently explained.4 The UDP was released as a White Paper for public comments prior to definitive approval, made on 4 February 2011.