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Agriculture and Rural Society

States of the periphery other than those of large-scale north European settlement have rather less historical geography on offer. So far as Latin America is concerned, much of the work accessible to English-speaking readers reflects the interest of modern-day academic conquistadores from Europe and, especially, North America. Themes which figure prominently include the agriculture and agricultural landscapes of the aboriginal world (Donkin, 1979; Gade, 1979), the nature of the interaction between indigenous and settler society (Newsom, 1976; Hennessy, 1978), production for global markets and its effects upon systems of cultivation (Albert, 1976; Donkin, 1977; Palacios, 1980; Hall, 1982; Galloway, 1982), and the failure of Latin American economies to develop during the nineteenth century in the same way as those of the North (Leff, 1982).