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[10]. Paper, Scissors, Rock/Pencil, Mouse, Manga: Ken Smith

The truth is that I don’t draw well; I’m basically a Photoshop

nerd. I’ve always had greater success with photography

and sculpture than with drawing or painting, and my design

representations have always veered, somewhat naturally,

toward montage making and model building. In school, I

studied photography and perhaps that’s why Photoshop’s

systems of layering, transparency, transformation, gradients,

and filters appeal to me. Photoshop is both an imaging and

a drawing tool, but there is something essentially solitary

about working on the computer and I often use Photoshop

when I am working through a design by myself. Drawing,

on the other hand, is more social-at least for me-and I

draw most naturally when talking about a design or sitting

across the table from someone developing ideas.