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This book began as the symposium “Thinking/Drawing:

Drawing in an Electronic Age,” presented at the University

of California, Berkeley, in March 2006. The origins of that

symposium were rooted in my own teaching experiences

at Berkeley and other schools, where I began to encounter

more and more students unable to produce an image with-

out the aid of a computer: students who too often accepted

a computer-generated image as a given-accepted it

uncritically, without question. The origins of the symposium

also lie in a lunch with Chip Sullivan about three years

ago, at which we mutually bemoaned the graphic situation

at the school and others we had visited. A postcard he

sent me thereafter-the one reproduced here-was the

direct inspiration for the symposium, and by extension,

the book. I say this not to blame Chip for getting me into

this, but to give him some well-deserved credit.