chapter  8
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Local planning and implementation II: The development process

As manifested in local plans and other statements of policy judged to be 'other material considerations', local planning policy forms one input to the process of development control and the appeals system as administered by local authorities and central government (see Chapter 7). Local planning policy, however, is not primarily concerned to provide a more or less specific aid to decision-making in development control; rather it is concerned to intervene in wider processes of public and private development and land use change so as to influence or manage events in pursuit of policy aims. Development control is an important means to this end. Hence the activity oflocal planning can only be fully assessed by locating local planning and the development control system that it informs within some understanding of these wider processes of development. This entails a shift in focus, away from considerations of how planning policies are established towards a concern with how far these policies as expressed are or have been successfully carried through to implementation.