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Reflections on Current Feminist Training in Family Therapy

The authors of these reflections are situated in two different training contexts and as a result reflect some differences in context and training emphasis. Our reflections include observations and conversations with numerous other training sites as well. As two trainers of color with differences in gender, age, and culture, we also represent a particular standpoint with respect to social location. One of us is an Asian Indian woman. She is of color while her hair passes for white and the other a Latino man. He is light skinned, has hair that can pass for white, however, his language and country of origin resituate him at the margin. We both have class privilege and hold a social political perspective of identity and socialization, rather than one defined solely by gender. For the purposes of these reflections we have chosen to use the language of "women who are other" when describing women who are not from a dominant group. We use this descriptor in order to include many women, such as Arab women, for instance, who may not fit the category of "women of color" but are certainly "other" due to their culture and religion.