chapter  11
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The age of electronic communication has expanded the manner in which individuals communicate, develop relationships, and intentionally inflict emotional distress. The increase in the use and availability of the Internet, as well as its low cost and ease of use, has created a readily accessible medium for former employees, customers, and anonymous individuals to engage in threatening communication, harassment, and stalking. Risk control begins with monitoring the types, accuracy, and quantity of information available about the company, employees, and practices on the Internet. In cyberspace communicated threats, harassing investigations, and violation of privacy can be conducted anonymously. Cyberstalkers can access enormous amounts of personal information. In the cyberworld individuals perceive that they are bound only by their own internal constraints. In cyberspace they exist in a world where one is only accountable to oneself. Management strategies need to include monitoring the e-mail box for continued communication much the same way a telephone voice mail is monitored.