chapter  13
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Executive Vulnerability

In most cases executives have high visibility both inside and outside their respective companies. Although executives may not be CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, they are vulnerable to any disgruntled employee, shareholder, single issue protestor, or customer/client. The most critical issue in the team assessment of executive vulner-ability is the evaluation of the executive. The executive who is able to take advice from security and other professionals on the threat assessment team is more likely to be safe. Threat teams need to be lied into the public relations and commu-nication system. Media attention to threatening communication can result in a copycat phenomenon in which multiple communications from a variety of sources are received. An employee who is at risk for threats, potential violence, or harassment may be subjcct to contact by the individual of concern. The threat man-agement team needs to develop a series of steps to properly identify threat and develop a risk control plan.