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The Taped-Problems Intervention: Increasing Division Fact Fluency Using a Low-Tech Self-Managed Time-Delay Intervention

Basic mathematics computation facts include solving simple (e.g., one-digit plus one-digit) addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems (Hasselbring, Goin, & Bradsford, 1987). Because basic computation skills are necessary for completing more complex computation problems, it may not be sufficient for students to merely acquire the ability to solve these problems; they should also be able to arrive at the correct answer rapidly (Deno & Mirkin, 1978; Haring & Eaton, 1978; Shapiro, 1996). Fluency, automaticity, and proficiency are terms often used to describe rapid and accurate responding (Hasselbring et al.,1987; Haring & Eaton, 1978; Shapiro, 1996).