chapter  3
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When people afe painfully traumatized, they feel a combination of anger and fear. Whether they express more of one or the other depends on their relative size as compared with the perpetrator and the situation in which they find themselves. That is, if they ace bigger, they tend to be angry, and if they are smaller, they tend to be frightened. Chapters 1 and 2 dealt with the pain and the expressions of fear and anger. One expression of anger is the tendency to fantasize revenge. Children who are abused often have elaborate fantas ies of murdering their parents, or they wish that the parents would be killed in an accident. Thus oul of pain grow anger and fear, and Qut of anger and fear grows gUilt. In this phase of the treatment, it is vital that each patient face the guilt that she has experi - enced and then learns how to deal with it.