chapter  4
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Assessment of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Mr. Oliver called the practice at 9:00 a.m. sharp. He was seeking treatment for his wife, vvho was in crisis. our initial conversation. he reported that his wife was experiencing vivid of her older brother breaking down her bedroom door in their childhood home and pinning her down on the bed. She was reportedly horrified by images of her brother's genitalia and struggled desperately to fight off the conclusion that he had sexually assaulted her. Her husband described her as being unable to care for their three young children, and so dis-

that she had been able get out of bed This was in marked contrast to her previous level of functioning. Y,/c scheduled an appointment for later that day asked Mr. Oliver call his wife to the phone. She sounded extremely timid and fragile. She required much encouragement before she was willing to even come in for an appointment.