chapter  4
Schizophrenic Thought Disorder: Why the Lack of Answers?
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When I embarked about eight years ago on the study of language disorder in schizophrenia, it seemed reasonable that the way to obtain the whole picture on this topic was to read as much of the research and theoretical literature in this and related areas as possible. I expected to learn the answers to some questions and to learn what the unanswered questions were. Given the sheer bulk of the research in this field of study, my expectation was not unreasonable. If the schizophrenic psychological deficit lies in the impairment of a particular function or finite group of functions, should not its nature be Virtually self-evident to a person examining the incredibly wide variety of tasks on which schizophrenics have been tested in well-controlled studies? The fact is, of course, that it does not. My quest was doomed; a complete picture was not obtainable.