chapter  1
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Stimulating Career Exploration and Development

The purpose of this paper is to describe the evolution of a career development program for undergraduate psychology majors at Virginia Commonwealth University. V.C.U. is an urban university in which the majority of students are somewhat older, more experienced, and realistically invested in career preparation. The Department of Psychology is one of the largest in the College of Arts and Sciences with twenty-seven full time faculty and 350-400 undergraduate majors. The undergraduate curriculum includes the traditional requirements for an arts and sciences degree, and a minimum of thirty hours in p~ychology. When the career program was formally begun in 1976, much of the curriculum "groundwork" and positive attitude of the faculty

had already been accomplished. There were opportunities for a major to participate in one year of field work or in a one year behavior technology program as part of the psychology electives. Support from the Dean's office was also explicit and enthusiastic about career orientation.