chapter  2
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Foundational but not all-encompassing
ByYoke Sim Fong

When I investigated the influence of the traditional Chinese culture of learning (TCCL) on the learning journeys of seven Chinese focal participants, they alluded to learning experiences with characteristics that are attributed to the TCCL, for example, emphasis on texts, and exam-driven teaching and learning. They themselves also exemplified the TCCL characteristics, such as their belief in effort for achievement and the centrality of vocabulary learning. However, the data also surface other learner characteristics not associated with the TCCL: they are active learners with a strong propensity to change and grow. Thus, TCCL may be foundational but insufficient to explain all the learner characteristics of PRC students. In this chapter, we will examine the influence of the TCCL on the participants, that is, the impact of their original macro context.