chapter  12
Clara Tahoces, Gothika (2008)
WithAbigail Lee Six
Pages 4

Clara Tahoces is a graphologist and a television presenter as well as the author of twelve books, of which only some are supernatural fiction, the rest dealing with legends and folklore, the interpretation of dreams, and a range of occult or occult-related topics. The protagonist of this full-length novel is a vampire called Analisa and the plot tracks her from her initial transformation by evil aunt Emersinda in eighteenth-century Andalusia until her destruction in Madrid in the present day. The structure alternates between narrating her existence chronologically and events in the present day. The key departure from tradition, which drives the plot – more or less plausibly, depending on one’s point of view – is that Analisa is able to have sex with non-vampires, fall pregnant and give birth, as a result of which she has two children in the course of the novel.