chapter  17
Nuria C. Botey, “Viviendo con el tío Roy” [Living with Uncle Roy] (2010) 1
WithAbigail Lee Six
Pages 6

Nuria C. Botey is a successful, but not canonical Spanish author who has published popular gay fiction under a pseudonym as well as many non-vampire horror stories and some flash fiction under her own name. Set in 2043, “Viviendo coneltio Roy” imagines a world in which cloning has all but replaced what are called “natural breeders” in the story, with babies regarded as an anti-social encumbrance; space has been colonized and people commute between European cities and space stations by “teletransport”. "Viviendo” belongs in the category of Spanish vampire stories that seem to wish to give the impression that they have been translated from English into Spanish. The Anglo veneer is thin for although Spain is conspicuous by its absence in the story through proper nouns or other concrete details, some of the topical issues it addresses do seem particularly applicable to Spain and therefore likely to chime with Spanish readers.