chapter  19
Juan Ignacio Carrasco, Entre nosotros [Amongst Us] (2010)
WithAbigail Lee Six
Pages 5

Born in 1973 in the province of Castellon, this is the author’s first and only novel to date, though he is promising a sequel. He has been involved in cinema journalism and ran an international film festival in his home town in 2007. He was a contestant in a popular daytime Spanish television cultural quiz show “Saber y ganar” in 2013, winning more than 11,000 euros. Entre nosotros, a full-length novel, is wholly set in the United States and appears to seek to give the impression that it is a translation of an American text. The protagonist, called Abel J. Young, the son of a widower who runs a small-town hardware shop, is also the first-person narrator and, at the start of the story, he is aged seventeen, at school in Tennessee, and his long-standing girlfriend has just ended their relationship.