chapter  23
Lorenzo Fernández Bueno, El vampiro de Silesia [The Silesia Vampire] (2013)
WithAbigail Lee Six
Pages 7

A first novel by Lorenzo Fernandez Bueno, although he had previously published numerous horror stories in anthologies and one single-authored collection of these called Terrores nocturnos. The story is set in present-day Italy, where the protagonist, Maurizio Roncalli, a distinguished archaeologist, is so dedicated to his research that his girlfriend, Donnatella, is threatening to leave him. He receives a message from Adriano Toscanelli, his former university professor, summoning him to Venice urgently and despite the fact that tonight he and Donnatella are meant to be celebrating their fifth anniversary together, he sets off. El vampiro de Silesia seems to be hoping to ride several bandwagons simultaneously. As well as tapping into the popularity of vampire stories and using a selection of motifs recognizable from there it also appears to be aiming for the same kind of readership as those who made Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code a bestseller.