chapter  24
Carlos Molinero, Verano de miedo [Terrific/Terrifying Summer] (2014)
WithAbigail Lee Six
Pages 4

Born in 1972, Molinaro has written or co-written a range of screenplays, some drama and is also a film director. His novel opens with a letter dated 1938 from a Civil War Republican fighter, now in hospital, to his daughter. He describes a vicious attack on the trench where he was stationed, by vampires in Nazi uniforms. It was brought to an end by a massive explosion that buried them and their victims in rubble, just after he managed to escape. The form of the novel pays tribute to Dracula by deploying the same scrapbook format, updating it to reflect the latest technology for today just as Stoker did for his time. Some of the traditional rules are followed too: much is made of the efficacy of garlic and sunlight, both in abundant supply in summer in Castile; the vampires are unable to cross running water and have to be staked or burnt to be destroyed.