chapter  6
Alfonso Sastre, “Las noches del Espíritu Santo” [The Holy Spirit Nights] (1964)
WithAbigail Lee Six
Pages 9

Born in 1926 and alive, Alfonso Sastre is a famous and respected playwright. He was a signed-up Communist for many years and has been a lifelong strong supporter of Basque nationalism. His politics led to imprisonment during the Franco regime and several of his plays being banned. Don Antonio, who is a struggling writer with a drink problem, opening up the potential for unreliability from the outset. He has already drunk three glasses of brandy in a bar when the plot begins to develop with the arrival of an odd couple, who attract his attention, for the man is pink-complexioned and corpulent but seems unwell, being drenched in sweat despite the cool October weather and is using a broom as a makeshift crutch, whereas the woman is described as yellow and dry and appears to be wearing a black wig.