chapter  4
Preparing to teach the literature text
WithKatherine Raithby, Alison Taylor
Pages 14

This chapter examines the preparatory stages before teaching begins and suggests a sequence of actions which teachers who are new to teaching literature may wish to follow. Teachers are encouraged to consider the principles which will guide their approach to teaching literature and influence certain key decisions, including ways of working, how to approach differentiation, use of the target language, integrating literature more widely into lessons and gaining student feedback. A level students need to develop autonomous working habits, including in their study of literature. Planning for independent learning also helps differentiation as students can move at their own pace through a range of tasks which support their individual learning needs. Modern Languages classrooms are, by necessity, spaces where discussion, interaction and idea-sharing are promoted and students regularly engage in pair work, group work and collaborative learning. A visit to an English primary school or secondary English classroom reveals many ways of promoting a reading culture in students’ mother tongue.