chapter  6
10 Pages

Force and Control

WithDouglas R. Mitchell, Gregory J. Connor

The use of force is one of the means by which law enforcement exercises control over all non-consensual encounters. Chapter 6 begins with a definition of what force actually is, and then goes into an explanation of the legal concept of “use of force.” It continues with a presentation on the flaws in the discourse about force, the nature of the worst criminal offenders, and the roles and responsibilities of police and the non-offending public. Among those is the clear rule of both statutory and constitutional law that law enforcement personnel get to exercise complete control over such non-consensual encounters.

From that foundation, it proceeds with a discussion of criminal perception and a variety of statutory and case law references to illustrate points and show pitfalls that can result from poor communication. The chapter provides an insight into the obligation of offenders to de-escalate and the improper nature of the unlawful assertion that law enforcement has any such obligation. Understanding is enhanced by explaining how force is a component of control.