chapter  1
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Exploring notions of change and innovation in early childhood education

WithChris Pascal, Tony Bertram, Marika Veisson

Change and innovation are constant features of the modern world, and in early childhood education (ECE), as in all arenas, we must adapt to new phenomenon, new methodologies and new technologies. Understanding the notions of innovation and change is therefore very important and whether we are a policy maker, a practitioner, a researcher, a trainer or a student we should see progressing change as part of our responsibility. Change can be defined as the process of causing a function, practice or thing to become different, compared to what it is at present or what it was in the past. Innovation is a linked concept and can be defined as a new way of doing something, or the creation, reformation or modification of a function or practice. The difference in the two concepts can be that changes are often more gradual, while innovation is often seen as more immediate in its impact. Both concepts can be seen to have either positive, neutral or negative consequences for the people and organisations involved.