chapter  13
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Young children’s (0–3 years) touch-screen use and parental mediation

Pedagogical advice
WithElyna Nevski, Andra Siibak

The aim of this article is to analyse the role of the home environment (parents, older siblings, and smart devices) in young children’s touch-screen use. Furthermore, we aim to provide some recommendations for pre-school teachers on enhancing closer collaboration between the home and pre-school and suggestions on how they can support parents in regulating their children’s media use. In addition, we will discuss the changes needed in the national curriculum for pre-school child care institutions in order to implement educational opportunities. This article is based on the data collected from two empirical studies, both of which mapped parents’ opinions of touch-screen use amongst 0–3 year olds and provided insight into the role of parent and sibling mediation in toddlers’ touch-screen use. The findings indicate that parents and siblings are important role models whose touch-screen use practices have a considerable impact on infants and toddlers. Both parents and siblings take on various roles when guiding young children’s touch-screen use but also combine different mediation strategies.