chapter  3
The SCSD Revisited
ByJoshua D. Lee
Pages 82

The previous chapter provided the context and overview of the SCSD ­project as well as a summary of the previously published evidence about its intentions and effectiveness. However, no longitudinal data is readily available regarding how well the SCSD has adapted to changing cultural, social, economic, environmental, aesthetic, and technical conditions over the past 50 years. This chapter provides a longitudinal review of this project in general, as well as a deeper analysis of several selected cases to expose the gaps between the intentions and receptions of the SCSD system over time from many perspectives. The findings that follow are arranged according to three guiding questions:

why was the School Construction Systems Development (SCSD) project designed to adapt to change?

how have these intentions evolved and been received over time?

what lessons can the SCSD project teach us about designing sustainable learning environments for the future?