chapter  8
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Narrating conversion and rescue

WithKasia Mika

This chapter looks to Dan Woolley's autobiographical text of spiritual rescue and renewal. It also explores two fictional accounts of post-earthquake twinned lives as imagined in Nick Lake's and Laura Rose Wagner's young adult novels. Unshaken is a highly autobiographical account, focused, at least initially, around the story of Woolley who came to Haiti just a couple of days before the earthquake struck on a short assignment to produce video material for Compassion International – a large international evangelical charity. The tremors in Haiti may have ended, but the experience of catastrophe is far from over. Like the permanently changed landscape, the survivors' sense of self has been left unsettled, with the earthquake redefining the significance of all life-events. The protagonist's individual metamorphosis and spiritual renewal triggered by the earthquake have their beginnings in the experience of the liminal state of survival.