chapter  21
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The construction of a geotechnical model for a rock dredging contract

WithPeter N.W. Verhoef

In order to understand the distribution of rocks and soils in the dredging area, it is commonly necessary and useful to pay attention to the coastal area on land as well. The objective of the site investigation for a rock dredging contract is the production of a geotechnical model. The site investigation commonly can be divided into a preparatory phase and the main investigation. In many cases, a proper construction of the three dimensional model of the subsurface geological structure requires boreholes that are not necessary within the zone of dredging. Any information that relates to engineering properties of rock mass can be used to define the units. From the verbal descriptions a clear picture of the geotechnical properties of the engineering geological unit can be obtained. The method of description can be used in bore core logging, but then the information on the discontinuities will be one dimensional and only spacings will be recorded.