chapter  23
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Conclusion: Wear assessments within site investigations for rock dredging

WithPeter N.W. Verhoef

This chapter suggests that how contractors can improve the production and tool consumption prediction by improving their in-house data base on dredger performance in rock dredging projects. It outlines the laboratory work and the observations on the trencher performance, and the rock factors of importance. Dredging works normally comprise a complexity of operations consisting of soil excavation and movement and in some cases rock excavation and transportation. The rock mass classification systems, such as rock mass rating, can give a rough idea on the likeliness that mechanical excavation is possible. In the ideal situation, the contractor has at his disposal a model of the ground to be dredged. To improve the present situation in prediction of production and tool consumption, it is strongly advised to develop performance monitoring programmes during rock dredging projects. The modelling could be done by using expert systems and fuzzy systems.