chapter  9
34 Pages

The cutting of intact rock material

WithPeter N.W. Verhoef

This chapter provides a phenomenological model of rock cutting, based on work carried out by Delft Hydraulics Laboratory. This model is based on rock cutting experiments on weak rocks, specially carried out in relation to rock cutting dredging. The chapter focuses on the best known analytical cutting equations for drag cutting tools. For the site investigation is important to know which rock mechanics tests should be performed and what laboratory cutting tests would give valuable information. The chapter presents the results of linear cutting tests, examining the effect of cutting depth, spacing of cutting tools and the specific energy of cutting. It reviews the effects of cutting velocity and heat development, cutting under water and wear of the tools. The chapter discusses results of cutting tests carried out on rocks from the Sydney Harbour Tunnel project. The cuttability of rock is describing the facility of intact rock material to be cut by mechanical tools.