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Diagnosing Well Problems

WithNeil Mansuy

This chapter looks at the water chemistry, bacteriology, down-hole video, and well logs. As far as the water chemistry is concerned, the most important part is to look at the mineral scaling potential. Down-hole videos are extremely useful tools. Until the entry of the down-hole video inspection, people really did not have the ability to see inside of a well. In addition to the history, chemistry and bacteriology of the well, it is also important to look at the driller's classification for the well. It is important to know what formation the well is in to examine the potential for mechanical type blockage. Remember that a lot of the bacteria in groundwater are not used to high nutrient levels, so much so that they are organo-sensitive. Putting these bacteria into a biological activity reaction tests allows them time to adapt to the increasing nutrient levels coming up on the gradient front.