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Water Well Rehabilitation

WithNeil Mansuy

Rehabilitation treatments need to be custom tailored to fit the well that is being treated, bearing in mind the cause of the problem, the well construction details. This chapter discusses some of the important aspects of choice of chemistry, and the application of chemistry with redevelopment techniques. The application of chemicals has long been a part of water well rehabilitation. After pretreatment is done, the next stage is going to involve treatment applications, usually with chemicals and/or liquid carbon dioxide. Whenever phosphorus-based treatment chemicals are added to wells, this literally "feeds" the bacteria in the system because the phosphorus is no longer the limiting nutrient – the nutrient that was restricting growth is now encouraging it. One downstream effect of the use of phosphates is that treatment times gradually get shorter and shorter as the added phosphorus with treatment stimulates the bacteria more and more. Chemical treatments must be custom-tailored.