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Well Development and Maintenance

WithNeil Mansuy

There are problems, which can affect preventative maintenance treatments, for example, seasonal wells or wells that are taken off-line for a period of time. If a well is taken off-line for any period of time, the well needs to be exercised. Jetting is a commonly used development procedure, but it does not have the penetration capability that was previous thought to occur. Swabbing was found to be one of the best procedures. In the physical models, this swabbing has been found to be one of the best development procedures. Mechanical redevelopment can involve surging, swabbing and jetting. The preference for air lift swabbing is due to the better activity with air lifting over pumping water with a submersible pump. The Layne Anoxic Block System is based upon the concept that most of the problems in water wells are caused biologically. Most of those bacteria causing these problems are aerobic in nature.