chapter  Chapter 3
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Photographs and Captions for Organisms

WithSharon G. Berk, John H. Gunderson

Several colonial peritrichs occur commonly in wastewater treatment plants. Thuricola is distinguished from the genus Vaginicola, very common in wastewater treatment plants, by the existence of the valve. Numerous species exist in wastewater. Three genera of free-living diplomonads occur in wastewater: Hexamita, Trigomonas, and Trepomonas. Empty lorica of Trachelomonas from activated sludge, Baxter, TN. Differential interference contrast. This photograph shows the small collar at the anterior end. The photographs show the rods of the ingestion apparatus at the anterior end and the helically ridged surface of the cell which is characteristic of euglenoids. A ciliated protozoan containing diatoms can also be seen in the photograph. Photograph taken by Edie Sutherland using brightfield microscopy. Photograph taken by Cheryl Branson using brightfield microscopy. Various cyrtophorid ciliates of the genera Chilodonella and Trithigmostoma. All were photographed with differential interference contrast. Sporozoites would not survive outside the oocyst in wastewater.