chapter  10
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Engineering Aspects of Dredging

ByS.N. Ghosh

Dredging can be termed as the underwater operation with the help of various equipments for removing materials. Dredging operation in India is presently mostly confined for the maintenance of shipping channel, desilting of harbour, lock entrances and a separate organisation exists for the purpose, namely the Dredging Corporation of India, namely DCI, with Headquarters at Visakhapatnam under the Ministry of Shipping and Transport, Government of India. Dredging is also resorted to for desilting of drainage channels, lakes and reservoirs so as to make them more functional. Maintenance dredging is necessary for the day-to-day existence of the port which cannot be delayed. Depending on dredger used deepening work constitute a serious obstacle to navigation. Shipping channels in estuaries and at the entrance to ports may require frequent dredging to keep them open and the dredged material is barged out to sea and dumped. Dredge disposal, primarily arising out of maintenance dredging is very crucial as is often linked up with contamination.