chapter  11
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Power Development From Tides

ByS.N. Ghosh

The importance of development and utilisation of alternate sources of energy needs hardly to be emphasised. The search is therefore continuing for alternate sources of energy. Any development for extraction of energy from the gift of nature has to ensure that the natural balance or ecological system is not disturbed beyond repair. Systems which produce pollution and hazardous effects on the environment must be avoided. Tidal energy being perennial, non-pollution and hazard-free in nature, offers good scope for development. The tidal effect is caused mainly by the mutual attraction of the moon and the earth when rotating in an almost monthly period around an axis through their common CG and oriented normal to the plane of the lunar orbit. Along an earth diameter parallel to the common axis the centrifugal force induced by rotation around the axis and the lunar gravitational attraction are balanced. Today the construction technic involves concrete caissons, constructed in sheltered conditions and floated into position.