chapter  5
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Sediment Transport in Tidal Environment

ByS.N. Ghosh

Engineering problems associated with tidal conditions very often require an assessment of the sediment source. The erosion, transport and deposition of sediments in tidal flows depend on the physicochemical properties of bed sediments and the surrounding fluid. Generally sand and silt particles move as solid material but clay particles adhere like flocs which change in size and shape during motion. Studies of sediment transport problems should therefore include details of the size, distribution, density and shape characteristic of individual sediment grains as well as the bulk properties of the total deposit. Hydrographic data measurements primarily include velocity, both magnitude and direction, sediment concentration, conductivity or salinity and temperature at several depths between the surface and the bottom at a number of different stations. The changes that occur in bed level of the river as a result of the changes in tidal flow characteristics can be related to sediment transport rate.