chapter  7
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Physical Modelling of Tidal Rivers

ByS.N. Ghosh

Tidal flow simulation in a hydraulic model is governed in principle by the similarity criteria related to the choice of model boundaries and model scales such as in steady flow. Hydraulic models are extremely useful in river engineering for understanding morphological processes. The models frunish useful information for suitably imposed hydraulic and physical conditions while designing engineering measures for river regulation works. The model also enables visual examination of the flow pattern. The hydraulic scale model can only be adopted as an aid to design and cannot be considered as 'an end-all' and 'cure-all' to the problems that face the designer. The morphological time scale is a conversion factor to prototype conditions and describes temporal changes of transport phenomena in tidal models. The water supply for a tide-generating system is generally provided by continuous pumping of water from a sump with a recirculating system.