chapter  5
Continuous Improvement
Pages 43

This chapter focuses on the features of continuous improvement (CI) efforts and their relationship to the process of becoming an Ever-Changing Organization (ECO). It highlights some characteristics of continuous improvement methodologies that influence the organization's capacity as an ECO. Direction for continuous improvement has been articulated and clarified with meaningful goals for all. A common set of terms and definitions provides a common basis for communication and avoids wasted efforts arguing about meaning and semantics. Everyone understands his role as a customer, supplier, or producer in his work activities. The "customer-supplier model" guides relationships and the creation of conditions necessary for producing both current results and continuous improvement. Systematic problem solving and process-improvement processes eliminate root causes of problems or guide the improvement of processes, as appropriate. Participation by all is legitimized by the provision of structures, time, and other resources people need to do the work of CI.