chapter  6
Continuous Learning
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The continuous learning (CL) component of the Ever-Changing Organization (ECO) model is the subject of this chapter. The focus is be on features of CL processes that build an organization's ECO capacity. Organizations with limited ECO capability have developed few or no processes for either individual or organizational learning. The CL features discussed in this chapter are integrated into the organization's strategies for CL and increased ECO capability. They are related to the overall commitment to change, learning, and improvement in a way that builds the organization's stabilizing base. The chapter also reflects briefly on the CL features as contributors to an organization's capacity for change, learning, and improvement. Exactly how and when each of these features is designed into a particular organization will be a function of its unique situation and requirements. Increased skills and abilities for learning how to learn build ECP capability and, in the process, strengthen the organization's continuous learning and overall ECO capability.