chapter  5
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Long Streamers

WithE.M. Bazelyan, Yu. P. Raizer

The streamer may be said to be devoid of the rest of its conductivity by the attachment, but it is the recombination that primarily limits the energy input into the channel. Single long streamers were observed in pure electropositive gases such as argon and helium, in which a streamer discharge could develop at lower voltages than in air. An ideal situation is considered, in which a gap has been overlapped by a single unbranched streamer. The streamer current measurements will contain information about the average linear channel resistivity. The streamer current in the cross section behind the head is determined by the wave front velocity: it grows with the streamer acceleration and decreases with its retardation. At a distance of 500–1000 m, at which lightning is normally photographed, the short-wavelength streamer radiation is entirely dissipated in the air, especially if it rains.