chapter  7
Problems and Prospects
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In this chapter, the author discusses various aspects of management connected with prawn culture, including some recommendations for future practices. The increasing price of land and the low productivity rate, mainly due to problems of management and environmental control, are still to be completely overcome. Although there are innumerable problems related to prawn culture, there is considerable scope for further development in production techniques. Usually abandoned salterns or reclaimed land or shallow creeks are the sites chosen for prawn culture. In the open sea a water temperature suitable for the growth of prawn prevails for a long period. While the density of prawns is very low the quality of feed is generally good. In the case of culture ponds along the coast of Setonaikai the fall in the temperature of the water in winter is considerable and the growth of prawn is arrested for nearly four months. The wintering of prawns in such severe cold is very difficult.