chapter  7
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Practical Cases

WithHéctor A. Videla

There are several cases of biocorrosion that because of the importance of the structural materials involved, their economic relevance, or the frequency of their appearance affecting industrial activities, have focused special attention in the specialized literature and technical meetings. Thus, several practical cases will be offered, taking into account the nature of the metal or alloy affected, the type of environment where biocorrosion takes place, and the main types of microorganisms involved. The following practical cases is discussed: biocorrosion of carbon steel in anaerobic environments, biocorrosion by iron-oxidizing bacteria within tubercles in aerobic environments, biocorrosion of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant alloys in the marine environment, and biocorrosion of aluminum alloys in fuel/water systems. An interesting practical approach to assess the onsite and laboratory tests for biocorrosion involved with the growth of metal-oxidizing bacteria, specifically of the iron-oxidizing bacteria Gallionella, has been described by Lutey.