chapter  8
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Prevention, Control, and Mitigation

WithHéctor A. Videla

A thorough understanding of the biological and chemical characteristics of the environment where biocorrosion takes place is needed to apply proper preventive or control measures. The literature on the prevention and control of biocorrosion suggest adherence to two traditional maxims: prevention is better than cure and cleanliness is paramount. For mitigating and controlling biocorrosion, the three components of the process must be considered. Thus, mitigation and control procedures should be directed to counteract the action of the microorganisms, prevent, slow down, or stop the corrosion reaction and improve the metal performance. A frequent method of protecting metals from corrosion is the use of protective coatings. An interesting field study to assess the influence of biological and chemical local soil conditions on the application of both coatings and cathodic protection to prevent biocorrosion has been reported. In closed systems, biocides and corrosion inhibitors are widely used against biocorrosion.