chapter  1
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Van Reede in the Netherlands 1636–1650

WithJ. Heniger

Ernst Van Reede at first fulfilled the function of forester of the Land of Utrecht, 1619–1626. At that time he lived in the city of Utrecht at St. Janskerkhof. During the last years of his life he was a member of the Council of the Admiralty in Amsterdam, 1633–1640. Another uncle was Johan Van Reede van Renswoude, president of the States of Utrecht and ambassador in England and Brandenburg. The Van Reedes devotes attention to their manor-houses. They altered and embellished them. Sometimes on the site of these old-fashioned medieval castles they erected entirely new country-seats. A well-known example is the reconstruction of the house of Nederhorst, which was completed about 1635 by Hendrik Adriaan Van Reede uncle and guardian, Godard Van Reede van Nederhorst. The house of Drakenstein was the residence of Elisabeth Majesty Queen Beatrix, when she was still the Crown Princess of the Netherlands.