chapter  10
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Plant descriptions of Hortus Malabaricus

WithJ. Heniger

The paragraph on the use deals with the importance of the plants for commerce, industry, agriculture, and horticulture, notably of aromatic plants, timber, food plants, and ceremonial, cosmetic, and ornamental plants. If a plant is not being used in native medicine, this is usually stated explicitly. But immediately afterwards he continued with a report about the visit of Paul Hermann to Malabar, which involves some problems as regards both the contents and the chronology. Plant taxonomists, however, do not make use of the Malayalam plant names in the Aryaezuthu script. They cite exclusively the Malayalam names such as they are transcribed into Roman characters, both on the engravings and in the headings of the plant descriptions. The statement of the Brahmin physicians Ranga Botto, Vinaique Pandito, and Apu Botto is engraved in the Nagari script, the usual script of the Sanskrit language. The quality of Van Poot's plant descriptions is considerably inferior to that of his predecessors.