chapter  2
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Van Reede abroad 1650–1678

WithJ. Heniger

In particular his friendship with Joan Bax Van Herentals was important to Hendrik Adriaan Van Reede for more than one reason. In later years Bax kept up a constant correspondence with his influential uncle by marriage Joan Huydecoper van Maars-seveen, the burgomaster of Amsterdam and also one of the directors of the East India Company. Bax Van Herentals kept his uncle continually informed of their vicissitudes in the East, especially when the three friends came into conflict with their chief, Rijklof Van Goens. Van Goens himself arrived in Batavia on 1 July 1657. During his short stay in the Netherlands the conquest of the southern part of Ceylon had meanwhile been completed with the occupation of the Portuguese capital Colombo. In meetings with the High Government of India he discussed the consequences of the fall of Colombo and he planned the tactics and strategy now to be followed against the Portuguese.