chapter  3
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Van Reede in the Netherlands 1678–1684

WithJ. Heniger

The homeward bound fleet with which Hendrik Adriaan Van Reede returned to the Netherlands put into the roads of Texel on 30 June 1678. Van Reede settled in the province of Utrecht. In the first days of December 1679 he bought the manor-house of Mijdrecht. On 7 December the Stadtholder William III ordered that he should be admitted into the Equestrian Order of Utrecht. When Van Reede returned to Utrecht, this province was passing through a difficult period. That Van Reede chose Utrecht for his place of residence will partly also have been prompted by the fact that a great many of his relatives lived there. He made or renewed the acquaintance of younger and older relatives, in consequence of which he entered the closely knit clan of the titled and influential Van Reedes. The Van Reede family was then at the zenith of its power and glory in the province of Utrecht.